Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes

Gordon Chamber of Commerce
Business Meeting
April 1, 2014

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM. Present were Chamber Board members Mike Shald, Sam Bolden, Carol Langer and Roxie Gatewood. Members Pam Eaton, Joni Elwood, Chuck Hinn, Pastor Elzroth, Rich Hoffman, Carolyn Green, Jordon Heuther, Maureen Hess, Joe Patriluck and Director Bea Lou Hardin.

The Office Report was accepted.

Office Report – April 1, 2014
Again, this month, the phone has been very busy with folks wanting information on our summer events and names of our realty companies and the rental situation. Also, we are getting calls about the employment situation. Two people from New Jersey call the office and wanted to know why we were sending them “boxes” of our brochures. I assured them that it was NOT Gordon brochures and after investigation I finally found out that it was the Sheridan County Tour brochures. Evidently, their printer put the wrong labels on the boxes. I did learn that the Sheridan County Tourism board uses our Office Phone number as their contact number. I had no idea so it is good to know as I have been telling folks to call Rushville City Office. We also had a gentleman from Missouri that wants to hunt Prairie Dogs. If anyone would like to let him do this, either free or for a charge, I have his number at the Office.
We have nearly completed our Membership drive and, at this writing, have 104 members this year. We have 79 businesses, 14 Associate Ambassadors, and 11 Non Profit. Mike has gone above and beyond to promote the Chamber and is doing a great job. We have done 2 Ribbon Cuttings: Allure Salon, and Fred A. Lockwood & Co CPA. We will be doing Ribbon Cuttings for Cattlemen’s Select Salsa and Exile Salon soon. We also have another new business that is considering membership when they are ready to open their doors. It is “RAT Bullets” a small manufacturing company.
We are preparing for our spring event and are excited to hear what Sam and the Retail Committee has in store for all of us. We encourage every member business, as well as those that are not members to “Strut your stuff” during this Spring Business Showcase.
Rich Hoffman has made his contacts and we have been receiving tourist information from South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado, as well as all over Nebraska. We also have a wonderful brochure rack that is filled with brochures from all over the Black Hills to Pikes Peak in Colorado to as far away as Beatrice Nebraska! The rack is filled by a company that provides brochures and is at no cost to us! Stop in at Treasures and take a look! Jean will be so surprised when she returns home! Tourism is a very important part of the Chamber and a great value to the Business Community! When you see Rich on the street thank him for all his hard work to bring us “up to speed” in the tourism area. We have a lot more to do but this is certainly a great beginning! Rich also has some great ideas for fund raisers for the Chamber so we can do more things to promote our business community.
A company that does Sports Posters has contacted us wanting to sell us an ad on the Crazy Horse School sports Poster, Motion by Sam Bolden that we do not buy an ad on this publication, second by Chuck Hinn. Motion carried. The Chadron Radio Station also contacted us about a Volunteer Recognition ad, they will be running in April. Motion made by Chuck Hinn Not to buy an Ad, second by Carol Langer. Motion passed.
It was reported that Gordon has another new business and a possible new Chamber Member. We will investigate this and arrange a Ribbon Cutting at the proper time.

Treasures Report: Motion by Carol Langer that the March Treasures Report be accepted, second by Mike Shald. Motion passed

Bea Lou asked the Board and members if they would consider doing a trade with Pizza Hut – membership for use of their sign. We need something on Highway 20 to direct visitors uptown as the State, when approached, declined to agree to give us signage. Sam Bolden made the motion that we trade membership for use of signage, second by Carol Langer. Motion carried. We will contact Pizza Hut and see if they will agree and get the sign set up ASAP.

Sam reported that the Retail Committee is in full swing preparing for the May 1st & 2nd “Home Town Business Showcase” promotion. Each business is invited to “showcase what is special about their business with demonstrations, specials, drawings, however you can promote your business and get folks in the door to see just how special your business is. The possibility of Punch cards, treasure hunts with in the businesses was discussed. The girls will be visiting with each member merchant to further explain the promotion and help you in any way they can.
It was suggested that we bring back the music on Main Street. People loved it and it made the downtown seem festive. It was suggested that we do Music all year round, if not every day then on Sale Day and during events or several days each week. Everyone agreed that we need to arrange with the bank to get this going right away.

Rich reported on what has been happening in the tourism department over the last month. The Chamber Office now has a full Tourism rack full of brochures and road maps from North Dakota to Colorado to Beatrice Nebraska. Thanks to rich and his longtime contacts, we are looking a lot like a real “Visitors Center”. We can hardly wait till Jean gets back from Arizona! I believe the Chamber will have an unbeatable team in Rich and Jean!

Mike reported that April 5th there will be a Fund Raiser for Tom Brewer at the Legion. If you need tickets to this event contact Mike @ 282-0876.

Joni Elwood made the motion to adjourn, second by Carol Langer. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30PM

The next Chamber Meeting will be May 6th at 5:30 at Essence

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