Gordon Movie Theater Update

Gordon Movie Theater Update

Dear Chamber Members,
As most of you know, I am now serving as president of the Gordon Community Theater and we
have been working to get the Gordon Movie Theater back up and running as a non-profit
business. We as a business community need to realize the impact re-opening the theater will
have on all of us. Even if you as a business owner do not go to the movies or have an interest
in this venture, it will have an effect on you. Every weekend, people from our communities are
leaving town to see movies in Chadron, Rapid City, Scottsbluff, Hermosa and elsewhere. While
there, they eat out, shop at Walmart and Safeway, get gas, maybe even stay the night in a
hotel. We should be doing everything we can to keep that money right here and bring more in
from the surrounding communities. Several people from the Pine Ridge Area, including
Shannon County Schools, have already said Gordon would be their destination for movies
once the theater opens.
We also need to look beyond the financial benefits. As many of you have experienced first
hand, it can be very hard to find help right now. Itʼs difficult to even bring new employees in
from out of the area. Providing a source of entertainment would go a long way toward
encouraging people to move to our area and keeping the people we already have here,
especially those with families. One person who is moving away soon cited that one of their
reasons is the lack of a theater or other entertainment for their children. Several current college
students have also listed the re-opening of the theater as a deciding factor in whether or not
they wish to move back to the area after graduation and start a family here.
If you think Netflix and the streaming industry have made Movie Theaters irrelevant, they have
not. We will be showing new releases within a week or two of their premier. Netflix wonʼt have
them for at least 6 months to a year on DVD and will probably never offer most of them for
streaming. Beyond that, people want to get out of the house and enjoy the full experience of
the cinema. Kids donʼt want to stay home, they want to go out with their friends. This would
provide a safe place for them to do so. Also, whenʼs the last time you as an adult invited
friends over for a movie night or had the opportunity to sit down for a movie at
home uninterrupted? And have you perfected that Movie Theater Popcorn recipe yet?
One way or another we are going to get this thing going again, but it will be almost impossible
to do without the support of our local businesses. I ask you to please take these points into
consideration when considering supporting this project. Any help will be greatly appreciated
and put to the best possible use. Don't think of it as another donation, look at it as an
investment in our community, our children, and the future prosperity of your business.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at jordan.scjs@gmail.com or
605-899-2862. I am attaching our project proposal and a donor pledge form as well.
Thank you for your time.
Jordan Huether
Managing Editor - Sheridan County Journal Star
President - Gordon Community Theater, Inc.

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