January 6, 2015 Chamber Minutes

January 6, 2015 Chamber Minutes

Gordon Chamber of Commerce
Business Meeting
January 6, 2015

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM at Bank of the West. Members Patty Faulk, Maureen Hess, Pam Eaton, Rachael Heuther, Joe Patriluck, Sam Bolden, Buck Rucker Retail Committee members Rachael Lambley, Courtney Ostrander; Tourism Committee member Rich Hoffman, Board Members Roxie Gatewood, Carol Langer (Retail Committee), Jordan Heuther, and Director Bea Lou Hardin.

Office Report – November/ December 2014
January 6, 2015
Office Report – November/December
As usual the Office is a bustling place! Nancy Russell, Robin Bergman, Sharon Harris & Sally Hatch have done a great job keeping the Office open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Thank You Ladies for giving your time and expertise! We have had several calls from folks requesting information about community services and tourist information.
Mace Bixby from the High School wrote an article about the Parade of Lights for the High School paper. We did a ribbon cutting for Exile Salon on November 15th. We also had a visit from Tim Fagen of Kansas. Mr. Fagen is the owner of the ALCO building. He came to see the building as ALCO is in bankruptcy. Mr. Fagen had not seen his building since 1986. Bobbie Moseman, Pretty on the Prairie, ran a silent auction for a beautiful fall centerpiece with the proceeds to go to Kelsey Rager Smith. We were pleased to help with this endeavor.
The Parade of Lights was a huge success, thanks to Jonie Elwood, Chuck Hinn and Mike Shald. The Chamber served 200 people Chili, Chicken Noodle soup, Chicken Chili, Ham & Beans & Green Chili the afternoon of the Parade. Thank you to Rachael Lambley, Mike & Barb Shald, Jonie Elwood, Carol Langer, Patty Faulk, Nancy Russell & Shirley Wiles for the really great soups! If I missed someone, I am sorry, it was very busy as people were bring their donated soups! (and I am getting old). Ha! A Free Will donation was taken and that money was deposited into the Chamber Checking Account.
The Parade was wonderful, everyone really went all out with the decorations! Mitch Gallent and Jim Lambley broadcast the parade and I thank them so very much for that! The town was packed! The winners were: 1st Wesleyan Gospel Chapel, 2nd Modern Farm and 3rd Gary Fisher. The Store front winners were: 1st Eaton’s Country Corner, 2nd Country Stylist and 3rd Hinns Clothing. The Chamber gave out a total of $625.00 in Chamber Bucks for Prizes. The judges were anonymous, I really have no idea who they were or where they were from.
Bea Lou went back to work at ALCO, then ALCO filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, then Tiger Liquidators bought ALCO. Bea Lou never has been known for her great timing! January 23rd will be Bea Lou’s last day at ALCO and she will be at the Chamber Office more so when the Ambassadors have other commitments, she can take up the slack. Bea Lou will also be rejoining Jerry in the hayfield this coming summer and caring for their Steers this winter. Jerry has promised to never fire her again! ;0)
During this time of upset with our ALCO store, I have had the opportunity to experience both sides of the coin, so to speak. It has been an emotionally draining time. Employees and Customers have gone from unbelief to anger to tears to fear to unbelief again. As Chamber Director my biggest concern is what this will do to our Town’s economy. I have had many people from all over our shopping area ask what I was going to do about ALCO closing. I can’t DO anything except encourage all of YOU to try and pick up the slack, enlarge your inventories just a little to include some of the things you can only get at ALCO, keep your businesses open , advertise that you are here for all the shopping area and they do not HAVE to go to Rapid, Chadron or Alliance. The most heart wrenching experience I have had during this time has been when a lady from the Reservation came to me one day while I was at work and hugged me and told me that, quote: “we, up North, are all praying for all of you” “We just don’t know what we are going to do if we can’t come to Gordon to get what we need”.
Needless to say we both cried. I will never forget her!

Your Board of Directors made the decision to accept Treasures as a revenue maker for the Chamber and to keep the Chamber Office on Main Street. As of January 1, 2015 the transition of the store was completed. Treasures is now The Chamber Store/Treasures. All space rent & consignment fees and sales are deposited into the Chamber Store Account.
The Board of Directors also approved the 2015 Budget and the Membership Drive has started.
So far 2015 Members are: Badlands Enterprises, Vinton Construction, Sheridan Gallery, Sandhills Land & Property, Exile Salon, WESTCO and KSDZ
Volunteers are needed for either ½ days or full days. Bea Lou will be in the Office on the days that our Ambassadors have other commitments. It is not a “labor intensive” job, we just need Ambassadors to answer the phone and keep the door open to members and visitors, answer questions and give directions and make sales. If you know of anyone that would be trustworthy and able to give a few hours please let Bea Lou know- 282.0730

Bea Lou Hardin

Treasures Report: Motion by Carol Langer to accept the November/December Treasures Report and the Office report, second by Roxie Gatewood. Motion passed

Bea Lou reported that the Membership Drive is underway.
Bea Lou reported that as of January 1, 2015 the Executive Board has taken on the project of the Chamber Store / Treasures. The wall space rental and consignment of our local artisans and crafters will be a revenue maker for the Office to guarantee that the Chamber Office will remain on Main Street. Maureen Hess commended the Board for making such a positive decision.

Bea Lou asked if the Chamber was going to do a Member Appreciation Party this year. She reminded the group that “we need to keep costs down as the Chamber cannot afford to pay out $2700.00 for the party like we did last year.
Rachael suggested a Pot Luck event, Patty suggested the High School Choir entertain, Maureen suggested a Baked Potato Bar. The Legion, Country Club and City Auditorium were mentioned as places to have the event.
The Retail Committee will organize the event and will let Bea Lou know the exact place and date by January 13th. Bea Lou will then let all of the Membership know when and where the Member Appreciation Party will be.

Carol told us all that Bomgaars have bought the ALCO building. She would like to get together with the City Manager, Economic Development and Chamber to promote a Shopco moving into Gordon.

Joe informed us that Joe’s Wireless will be doing a “Smart Phone Training” January 24th.

Carol Langer made the motion to adjourn at 6:30PM, Courtney Ostrander second. Motion passed.

The February 3rd meeting will be held at Joe’s Wireless. At 5:30 PM

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