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The Gordon Chamber of Commerce Members are vital in successfully accomplishing the objectives and goals for the promotion of businesses in Gordon and the rural community. When a business or organization joins the Chamber, all of the employees of that business are considered members and are encouraged to participate in Chamber events. With the updates in progress to the web page, I want to encourage you, or the employee who is your computer guru; to familiarize yourself with your Chamber web site ( Chamber events, benefits, and members are all listed with additional information that may be of interest. Listed below are some membership benefits:

Chamber Membership Benefits:

The Gordon Chamber of Commerce provides economic, business, and community promotional resources so that all member businesses can thrive and prosper and new businesses will be attracted and induced to establish in Gordon. This is accomplished through special promotions of events throughout the year. The Chamber of Commerce works with the Sheridan County Tourism Board, Sheridan County Fair Board, and the Sheridan County Historical Society to promote Tourism through brochures, post cards, and advertising of our many points of interest in Gordon and Sheridan County, bringing those “visitor dollars” to the businesses of Gordon, helping to make the Gordon business community strong and viable. The use of “Chamber Bucks” as prizes and gifts is encouraged. Chamber Bucks may be purchased by anyone and are then used as money for purchase in Member stores, the member business then exchanges those Chamber Bucks for real money through the Chamber. Many volunteer hours are given by the Director and Assistant Director in accomplishing day to day Chamber business as well as volunteer hours given by members to accomplish special events such as the Sheridan County Fair Parade and the Parade of Lights during the Christmas season.

Yearly Special Events and Promotions:

Membership Appreciation Party - The new year is kicked off with a Member Appreciation party that is free to members and their employees. Social Hour, Dinner and Entertainment 

Spring Retail Extravaganza – The Retail Committee plans, promotes & advertises a festival type of promotion.

Fourth of July – The Chamber donates to the Fireworks Display

Sheridan County Fair- the Chamber hosts the Ranch Rodeo and pays for the winners Buckles. The Chamber members also donate time to provide a Ferry Service for the elderly and disabled from the parking lot to the grandstands as well as needed activities associated with the Fair. The Parade on the last Saturday of the Fair is hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber pays for advertising for these events.

Willow Tree – The Chamber members volunteer to act as parking attendants for the Willow Tree Festival group.

October Fest – Different events are planned each year and all advertising is paid by the Chamber.

Christmas Parade of Lights - Opening of the Christmas shopping season, an evening Parade of floats decked out in lights and entered by the businesses in Gordon. The preparation and organization of the event is done by Chamber member volunteers. The Chamber pays for advertising of the event and trophies for the winners of the parade.

Membership Requirements

Section 1: Eligibility

Any person, association, corporation, partnership or estate having an interest in the objectives of the organization shall be eligible to apply for membership.

Section 2: Application

Application for membership shall be in writing on forms provided for the purpose and signed ay the applicant. The applicants shall be approved by the Board of Directors at any meeting thereof. Any applicant shall become a member upon payment of the regularly scheduled dues.

Section 3: Dues

Membership dues shall be at such rate or rates, schedule or formula as set by the Board of Directors and payable annually, semi-annually or quarterly in advance. New Businesses shall be given membership at no charge for the year of their startup. New Owner businesses will receive a prorated membership for the year of purchase.

Clarification - “New Business” / “New Ownership”:

A “New Business” shall be deemed any business new to the community or any business that has closed and then has been purchased and started even in the event the “New Business” is of the same type.

“New Ownership” shall be any business that has been purchased and continuously runs under a new owner.

Section 4: Termination

  1. Any member may resign from the Chamber upon written request to the Board of Directors.
  2. Any member shall be removed by the Board of Directors by a two-thirds vote for nonpayment of dues after ninety day from the date due, unless otherwise extended for a good cause;
  3. Any member may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors for conduct unbecoming of a member or prejudicial to the aim or reputation of the Chamber, after notice and opportunity for a hearing are given the member complained against.

Section 5: Voting

Each person, firm, association or corporation who are members shall be entitled to cast one vote.

Section 6: Exercise of Privileges

Any member may designate representatives whom the holder desires to exerciser the privileges of membership coved by its membership. The member shall have the right to change its representative upon written notice.

Section 7: Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be awarded by the Board of Directors by a majority vote. Honorary members shall have all the privileges of members, except the right to vote and shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Chamber Bucks: Clarification

In December 2011 the membership voted to restrict reimbursement of Chamber Bucks to Chamber Members only. Non-members may accept Chamber Bucks but will not be able to obtain reimbursement for them until they become members in good standing.

Membership Dues

  • Associate membership – (basic benefits): $30.00
    Encompasses: General public, Crafter/Artist/Hunter/Farmer/Rancher
  • Sole Proprietor: $50.00
  • Home Based business: $50.00
  • Proprietor/Manager up to 2 employees: $80.00
  • Prop/Manager up to 4 employees: $175.00
  • Prop/Manager up to 8 employees: $225.00
  • Prop/Manager up to 13 employees: $250.00
  • Prop/Manager up to 19 employees: $275.00
  • Utilities (electrical, gas, cable, phone): $275.00
  • Prop/Manager up to 24 employees: $375.00
  • Prop/Manager up to 50 employees: $425.00
  • Prop/Manager over 50 employees: $525.00
  • Banks ($17.00 per million assets, max due $500.00)
  • Professional Corps. ($120.00 +$60.00 per Associate)
    Encompasses: Physicians, Lawyers, Dentists, Vets, Accountants
  • Hotels/Motels ($60.00 + $6.00 per room)
  • Exterior Support Services (non-local vendors): $100.00
  • Non-Profit organizations: No Charge