June Chamber Business Meeting Minutes

June Chamber Business Meeting Minutes

Gordon Chamber of Commerce
Business Meeting
June 3, 2014

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM at The Sheridan Gallery. Members Pam Eaton, Carolyn Green, Courtney Ostrander, Jim & June Dudek, Ron Hess, Pastor Elzroth, Tourism committee members, Jean Hess & Rich Hoffman, Retail Committee member Rachel Lambley and Director Bea Lou Hardin.

The Office Report was accepted.

Office Report – June 3, 2014
Office Report – May 2014
Again, this month, the phone has been very busy with folks wanting information on our summer events and names of our realty companies and the rental situation, who mow lawns and how to find the Cemetery and certain graves. A full wall of brochures, Road maps, bound Circle tours and more. So if you’re going on vacation stop in the Chamber Office and take a look at our Visitor Center. We have one new member – Gordon Farmers Market. Welcome to the Chamber Family!
When you see these folks on the street or at the market while buying those wonderful fresh goodies, welcome them to YOUR Chamber Family!
Membership at this writing has grown to 112. We have 86 businesses, 14 Associate Ambassadors, and 12 Non Profit.
We are having very positive comments about the music on Main Street- mainly that “It makes Main Street seem welcoming and happy”. I even have calls wondering what happened to the music when we have a “glitch”. We are selling tickets to the Shrine Circus which will be in town June 6th and Mike is selling “seats” for the Theater. We received the extra brochure racks we needed and now have all the brochures and, magazines & maps out for our visitors and the community. Several community members have been in to get Road Maps, Black Hills maps and brochures. We had 3 “Circle Tour” maps bound and have sold one so far. We are selling them for $2.00. There are 23 Circle Tours and the information on the maps is great, thanks to those that were involved in Tourism “back in the day”! Senator Fisher’s representative, Brandi McClaskin, visited the Chamber Office and was very pleased with the progress this Chamber has made and she liked Treasures and the Sandhills Made products.(had to say that ;0) )
We had an impromptu Sidewalk Sale on Friday, May 30th and Saturday, May 31st. Hope all had good sales and a little fun!
We are looking forward to and planning the Sheridan County Fair & Rodeo Parade held July 26th. Notifications will be coming out soon to enter YOUR float! Also, anyone that wants to help set up the parade, PLEASE call the Chamber Office at 308.282.0730. I need 5 or 6 people to direct floats to line up.

Treasures Report: Motion by Courtney Ostrander to accept the May Treasures Report be accepted, second by Jean Hess. Motion passed

The Sheridan County Fair Parade theme was discussed. The First National Bank is celebrating 100 plus years and the Extension Board is celebrating 100 years this year. The members felt we needed to play on that fact. The theme “ROOTED IN THE PAST, GROWING INTO THE FUTURE” was suggested. The motion was made by Courtney Ostrander to accept that theme, Pastor Elzroth second. Motion carried.

Jim Dudek presented a short introduction into Social Media. The old saying “If you build a better mouse trap” is not true today. People are more distracted and the competition IS GREATER THAN EVER with the Internet Business becoming so popular. Multiple Communication is a must in the world today. All businesses have to STAND OUT and be MORE VISIBLE. We need a Platform. Three benefits to a carefully crafted and nurtured platform are: VISIBILITY, AMPLIFICATION & CONNECTION. Courtney asked what the visibility report for the Chamber Web Site was. Overall hits for the web site is 28084 with the Blog, Events & members being the top three. July last year was the biggest month for hits and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the most prominent days. The Chamber of Commerce and all of our members need to begin the journey to get noticed in this noisy world. Social Media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, E-mail, Web Site and Blog’s are the avenue we can all use to become noticed and grow our businesses. These are just methods of communication. These methods bring in the personality and culture of our area and its businesses. As many of us do not understand or feel we have the time to keep up with these tools, Jen Futz has volunteered to work with us to develop our Social Media strategy. Jim has volunteered to head a group to learn about and implement a Social Media program involving the Chamber and the members. If you have interest in participating Please contact Jim at jdudek.nerd@gmail.com or 282.2469. We, collectively, need to everything we can to promote our business and our community so we continue to grow and prosper!

Jean Hess and Rich Hoffman presented information on the value of and necessity of Tourism. Rich grew up in an area that you could “walk out and touch the History of the area. Rich stated that his Grandparents came from Europe and he is a second generation Native American, born as an American, growing up at fort Robinson. Visitors and helping them to see our beautiful, land rich with History and understanding the American people of the West and their generosity became his passion. Word of mouth is very valuable, and being an Ambassador for our town and area are worth a lot. It is important that Employers and Employees know the area attractions and be as helpful as they can be to visitors. If a “visitor” spends 30 minutes in our town they will spend between $30.00 & $50.00! The economic impact of Tourists visiting can be huge!
Rich also serves on the Sheridan County Tourism Board. The Sheridan County Tourism Board uses YOUR Chamber Office as their contact phone number as we are the only Chamber that is open and manned full time. .He stated that the Board will be raising the Lodging tax and that should help in the promotion of Gordon, Rushville, Hay Springs as well as all of Sheridan County. There is 1 B & B in Hay Springs, 2 Motels in Rushville and 3 motels in Gordon as well as several other Bed and Breakfasts and lodges in Sheridan County. Jean showed the members the “Circle Tour” booklet that is now available at the Chamber Office. We are selling them for $2.00. There are 23 Tours in the booklet. We could also post them on the Chamber Web site and visitors could buy them through the Web site. The Crawford Clipper has a full page of Exploring Sheridan County and of course the Paper “Exploring Sheridan County” is being distributed. Geo Cashing was explained and discussed. We have the opportunity to be the “Home Base” for visitors that wish to do “day trips” to the Badlands, Black Hills, Valentine, & Chadron.

Courtney Ostrander made the motion to adjourn, Jean Hess second. Motion carried.

The July 1st meeting will be held at the Cowboy Museum at 5:30 PM

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