March 3rd Chamber Business Meeting Minutes

March 3rd Chamber Business Meeting Minutes

Gordon Chamber of Commerce
Business Meeting
March 3, 2015

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM at Pizza Hutt. Members Jim & June Dudek, Pam Eaton, Joe & Carrie Patriluck, Pastor Elsroth, Rachael Heuther, Jerry Saub, Carolyn Green, Kathy Dohse, Mark & Angie Anderson, Jan Grover, Ruby Wolkins, Nancy Russell, Retail Committee members Rachael Lambley, Board Members Carol Langer (Retail Committee), Jordan Heuther, Roxie Gatewood and Director Bea Lou Hardin.
Thanks to Pizza Hutt for allowing us to have our meeting there!

Office Report – February 2015
March 3, 2015
Office Report – February 2015
The Office has been a very interesting place this month. I thank Sharon Harris, Sally Hatch and Carol Langer for having done a great job keeping the Office open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Thank You Ladies for giving your time and expertise! February 23rd was Sharon’s last day as she will be busy with the diamond Green House from now until fall. I will miss her and look forward to having her back in the fall. Don’t forget to shop Diamond Green House for all those wonderful plants for your garden and yard!
We have had several calls from folks requesting information about business from the past, making donations to the Museums, possible National Exposure for our area, community services and tourist information.
I did some investigation into possibly having a POW WOW here this summer or fall and after speaking with those that are in the know, found that the cost far outweighs the advantage. I spoke to the Sheridan County Ag Board, representatives of the County Tourism and Historical Society and explained that I could not see trying to put out the needed kind of money at this time.
The funniest call we have had was from the Department of Game & Parks. Mr. X told me that he was in charge of putting a new Game and Parks brochure together and he would like to know about restaurants, attractions & events in and around Gordon. Well, you can imagine the spiel he got, He learned about and got phone numbers for the Italian Inn, Antelope Creek Café, The Covered Wagon, he heard all about our County Fair, Award Winning Cowboy Museum, Willow Tree Festival, Fall Festival, Parade of Lights, our town being on Historic Route 20, the beauty of our area with great hunting and fishing. He learned that we are close to the Pine Ridge Reservation and a gateway to the Bad Lands, Black Hills and Wounded Knee is not far.
He began to laugh and kept saying, “I am so embarrassed!” I asked him why, did he already know all this stuff? “No”, he said, “I thought you sounded like you were from the North”. “Well of course”, I replied. Through his laughter, he told me he was in Texas, he was with the Texas Game and Parks and he thought he was calling Gordon, Texas! He told me “you have a lot more to do there than Gordon Texas, I guarantee that! I really want to come see all you have told me about!”
Volunteer Ambassadors are needed for either ½ days or full days. Bea Lou will be in the Office on the days that our Ambassadors have other commitments. It is not a “labor intensive” job, we just need Ambassadors to answer the phone and keep the door open to members and visitors, answer questions and give directions and make sales. If you know of anyone that is able to give a few hours please let Bea Lou know- 282.0730

Bea Lou Hardin

Rachael Lambley made the motion to accept the Financial Report, second by Jerry Saub. Motion passed.

Jerry Saub asked to make a recommendation to the Chamber. Jerry would like to see the Chamber buy 1000 shares of Uranium Energy Corp. Stock at under $2.00 per share. According to Mr. Saub this stock will become quite valuable in the near future. Roxie Gatewood asked if our By Laws permitted such an action. Bea Lou said she would look into it. There was some discussion and Carol Langer made the motion to table the matter until our next meeting, second by Carolyn Green. Motion passed.

Bea Lou announced that the City of Gordon and the Sheridan County Historical Society will be purchasing the Historical Route 20 signs and the signs will be placed on City property with dedication in late April. It was also reported that the County Tourism Board is on board with the Historical Route 20 project and will help in any way. The Bridges to Buttes Byway has been approached to add the small Historical Route 20 signs to the Bridges to Buttes signs from Valentine to the State line. Possibly the County Tourism Board can assist with this part of the project. Bryan Farr will be distributing brochures and on line information about each City, Town, and Village that has joined the Association from Boston to Newport Oregon this summer. He has stated that Lusk Wyoming and several Cities in Iowa have signs. It is exciting that our area will be advertised worldwide just because we are located on a Historical Highway!

Bea Lou announced that the Chamber will be sponsoring an Educational Seminar April 27th. The Seminar is titled “How to increase revenue & profits in today’s market”. It will cover everything from Advertising to Customer Service. You will be hearing more about this in the future.

Bea Lou suggested that someone do a “Day Labor” listing that folks that need help could access and those wanting to do something could list themselves. Mark Anderson said he knew someone that does a “Time Banking” group that is something like a Day Labor listing, he will get the information on the organization of this program and get it to the Chamber Office.

Jan Grover and Carrie Patriluck presented a Kids Fun Fair in conjunction with the Week of the Child. Head Start will be the sponsors and they are in need of volunteers to run games or just help in some way. They are also in need of prizes. This is a Community Wide event for all Children and it is FREE! There will be a meeting at Head Start, March 10th at 5:30 PM.

The Retail Committee, Rachael Lambley and Carol Langer presented the Spring event that is planned. April 10& 11 Gordon will be having a Spring Junk Jaunt! Everyone is encouraged to clean out your basements, backrooms, attacks and get it out on Main Street with a 60% sale tag on it. (You let it gather dust why not sell it and get something out of it) The Community will be encouraged to have yard sales at the same time. Organizations such as Head Start, High School choir, Cheerleaders, Churches, Civic Organizations have something- rummage sale, food booth- whatever will help you raise money for your group on Main Street! More details in the next few days.

Volunteers are needed for the Food Bank Distribution March 18th at the American Legion 1 PM to 5 PM
Call Fred Russell at 282.2666 for more information

Carol Langer made the motion to adjourn at 6:25PM, Roxie Gatewood second. Motion passed.

The April 7th meeting place will be announced at a later date.

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