May 6th Chamber Business Meeting Minutes

May 6th Chamber Business Meeting Minutes


 Gordon Chamber of Commerce
 Business Meeting

May 6, 2014

 Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM at Essence. Present were Chamber Board members Mike Shald, Carol Langer and Lisa Johnson. Members Pam Eaton, Chuck Hinn, Jean Hess, Rich Hoffman, Carolyn Green, Jordon Heuther, Rachael Heuther, Valorie Mann, Courtney Ostrander, Kathy Dohse, Josh Kotter, June Dudek, Darla Mulnix, Amber Sasse and special guests Rose, Donnie and Tiffany Chappell and Director Bea Lou Hardin.

The Office Report was accepted.

 Office Report – May 6, 2014

Again, this month, the phone has been very busy with folks wanting information on our summer event and names of our realty companies and the rental situation. Also, we are getting calls about the employment situation. We have had brochures coming from Alliance, Hot springs and other places nearby, thanks to rich. We sent our brochures to the Alliance Chamber Visitors Center for distribution there.

We have two new members – Macumber Plumbing and Pizza Hut. We will be using the sign at Pizza Hut to post visitor directions to main Street shopping and events. When you see these folks on the street or in their businesses welcome them to YOUR Chamber Family!

Membership at this writing has grown to 111. We have 85 businesses, 14 Associate Ambassadors, and 12 Non Profit.

Sam and the Retail Committee have worked hard to organize the great spring promotion May 1st & 2nd, when you see them give them a thumbs up and “Thanks” for the hard work and great ideas, even a pat on the back!

We have had some positive comments about the music on Main Street- mainly that “It makes Main Street seem welcoming and happy”. We did have one complaint- one night the music was not turned off and a Main street resident had problems sleeping. Hopefully we have taken care of that problem and do apologize to that resident.

Treasures Report: Motion by Josh Kotter to accept the April Treasures Report be accepted, second by Carol Langer. Motion passed

 Bea Lou asked the Board and members if she could purchase some plastic brochure holder to finish out the wall as we have so many brochures that we have nowhere to display. Mike Shald made the motion that we buy enough brochure racks to contain the brochures we have, Carol Langer second. Motion passed.

The “Home Town Business Showcase” went well, although there was some confusion among the public as well as businesses. We gave out $140.00 in Chamber Bucks meaning that $1040.00 was spent in our businesses to get the 10 punches filled on the punch cards.  We had 7 maps turned in at the Office and Jessica Holston was the winner of the $200.00 cash. It has been decided that the Spring Hometown Showcase will be held every year at the same time, giving the public and the businesses a chance to become accustomed to the promotion and something to look forward to.  The KSDZ “Rope 2 horses “ went very well. Not only was it fun, the roping gained $5000.00 in donations for Kelsey. Thank you to Jim and Daneen Lambley for donating the 2 horse motor and coming up with the benefit idea. It was a wonderful addition to the Spring Showcase!

Bea Lou announced the retirement of Lisa Johnson from the Retail Committee. Lisa has worked very hard for you over the last 2 years and we appreciate her tremendously! Lisa will continue to serve as a Board member. Rachael Lambley will be taking Lisa’s place on the Retail Committee. 

Valorie Mann presented information about the Theater project. The needs to complete the theater and get it open are:

1.      10 volunteer agreements signed – commitment to run the Theater quarterly for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday matinée. They have 6 oral agreements but no signed agreement at this time.

2.      Donor ads, local business ads. The on screen ads will cover the fixed costs such as electricity and so forth. The concession area is where money is made for necessities.

3.      150 seats need to be purchased at a cost of $150.00 each.

4.      Funding in the amount of $42,500.00 for the projector and sound system.

5.      Board of Directors, so far 7 have stepped up to serve. They are trying to obtain a Non Profit status.

6.      ADA compliance & Health Inspection need to be done.

May 21st Valorie and patty Faulk will be writing a grant requesting funds from the Ukena Foundation as well as other funding sources, Turner Foundation, Billy Mills running Strong etc.  The sprinkler system has been donated.


Mike Shald made the motion that the Chamber take on the project of selling the seats. Kathy Dohse second. Motion passed. Mike will be heading the project.


Rose, Donnie & Tiffany Chappell presented information and needs for the Reckless Youth Rally coming to Gordon August 8 & 9. The Christian Motorcycle Group is sponsoring a “never done before” youth rally that will bring in big name bands, Wrestlers, Champion Skate Boarders and much more. The goal is to reach our youth and give them a sense of purpose in God’s love. There are reservations from Youth Groups from Wyoming, Illinois etc.  The rally will be in the City Park, Skate Park and Sheridan County fairgrounds. The needs they have are:

1.      $7000.00 still needs to be raised

2.      Camping and sleeping rooms for adults and youth. If anyone has extra bedrooms or a yard that would hold tents for campers Please call Rose Chappell at 308.360.3511

3.      Meals for 50 – 60 people. A Friday Supper, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Supper. Organizations are needed to donate one of these four meals. All meals will be served at or near City Hall. The Multi- Purpose Room and kitchen are already reserved for this purpose.


After discussion we committed to ask the Cowboy Museum, Kiwanis, & Lions if they would donate and serve 1 of these meals.

Carol Langer made the motion that the Chamber provide 1 of the meals, second by Josh Kotter. Motion carried.  Darla Mulinex offered to donate meat for which ever meal the Chamber decides to provide. If there is anyone else that would like to donate call the Chamber Office at 308.282.0730.


Carol Langer made the motion to adjourn, Courtney Ostrander second. Motion carried.


The June 3rd Chamber Meeting will be held at the Sheridan Gallery at 5:30 PM

The July 1st meeting will be held at the Cowboy Museum at 5:30 PM

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